In The Midst of A International Pandemic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Stoops To Her Latest Low, In An Unthinkable Act On Her Half She Shared A Tweet Mocking Nationwide Day of Prayer

Within the midst of the coronavirus epidemic President Donald trump referred to as for a Nationwide Day of Prayer in the USA.

With locusts in Africa, a worldwide plague of COVID-19, brush fires that did extreme injury to Australia and, right now, an earthquake in Utah, it’s a sensible time for everybody to come back to God and repent.

However Congresswoman Rashida Talib apparently didn’t see it that means as she retweeted a message from anti-gun teen activist David Hogg.

“Don’t let this administration tackle COVID-19 like our nationwide gun violence epidemic. F*** a Nationwide day of prayer, we want rapid complete motion,” he mentioned.

David Hogg

Don’t let this administration tackle COVID-19 like our nationwide gun violence epidemic. Fuck a Nationwide day of prayer, we want rapid complete motion.

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7:45 PM – Mar 14, 2020
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The Congresswoman and Hogg had been rapidly attacked for his or her ridiculous, anti-religion and anti-praye sentiment.

“It’s one factor for a lawmaker to want for motion apart from prayer. It’s one other to insult tens of millions of Individuals who do pray and imagine the motion to be efficient with a whole curse-laden dismissal of the motion,” Brandon Morse mentioned on Purple State.

“Tlaib has confirmed herself to be an elected official utterly dismissive of American traditions,” he mentioned.

It’s time for the world to come back to Jesus on our knees and beg for forgiveness for the sins every of us has dedicated.

It’s time for us to bend our knees and pronounce in a single voice “Jesus is Lord” as a result of we have now been warned.

It is a horrifying time in America and it’s sensible for everybody to stay calm and take the precautions suggested by

Wash your palms usually with cleaning soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds particularly after you may have been in a public place, or after blowing your nostril, coughing, or sneezing.
If cleaning soap and water will not be available, use a hand sanitizer that accommodates a minimum of 60% alcohol. Cowl all surfaces of your palms and rub them collectively till they really feel dry.
Keep away from touching your eyes, nostril, and mouth with unwashed palms.
Keep away from shut contact with people who find themselves sick
Put distance between your self and different folks if COVID-19 is spreading in your neighborhood. That is particularly essential for people who find themselves at greater threat of getting very sick.
Keep dwelling if you’re sick, besides to get medical care. Study what to do if you’re sick.
Cowl your mouth and nostril with a tissue while you cough or sneeze or use the within of your elbow.
Throw used tissues within the trash.
Instantly wash your palms with cleaning soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. If cleaning soap and water will not be available, clear your palms with a hand sanitizer that accommodates a minimum of 60% alcohol.
In case you are sick: It is best to put on a facemask when you find yourself round different folks (e.g., sharing a room or automobile) and earlier than you enter a healthcare supplier’s workplace. In case you are not in a position to put on a facemask (for instance, as a result of it causes bother respiration), then it is best to do your greatest to cowl your coughs and sneezes, and people who find themselves caring for it is best to put on a facemask in the event that they enter your room. Study what to do if you’re sick.
In case you are NOT sick: You don’t want to put on a facemask until you might be caring for somebody who’s sick (and they aren’t in a position to put on a facemask). Facemasks could also be in brief provide and they need to be saved for caregivers.
Clear AND disinfect often touched surfaces each day. This contains tables, doorknobs, gentle switches, counter tops, handles, desks, telephones, keyboards, bathrooms, taps, and sinks.
If surfaces are soiled, clear them: Use detergent or cleaning soap and water previous to disinfection.
To disinfect:
Most typical EPA-registered family disinfectants will work. Use disinfectants acceptable for the floor.

Choices embrace:

Diluting your family bleach.
To make a bleach answer, combine:
5 tablespoons (1/third cup) bleach per gallon of water
four teaspoons bleach per quart of water
Comply with producer’s directions for software and correct air flow. Test to make sure the product is just not previous its expiration date. By no means combine family bleach with ammonia or some other cleanser. Unexpired family bleach might be efficient towards coronaviruses when correctly diluted.

Alcohol options.
Guarantee answer has a minimum of 70% alcohol.
Different widespread EPA-registered family disinfectants.
Merchandise with EPA-approved rising viral pathogens pdf icon[7 pages]exterior icon claims are anticipated to be efficient towards COVID-19 based mostly on knowledge for tougher to kill viruses. Comply with the producer’s directions for all cleansing and disinfection merchandise (e.g., focus, software methodology and make contact with time, and so forth.).

Schumer Big Loss, Supreme Court Hands Trump Huge Win.

Supreme Court Hands Trump Huge Win, Schumer Big Loss On Key Asylum Case: “Remain in Mexico” Program Can Continue. The Supreme Court just handed the Trump administration another huge win in a landmark immigration case.
In the process, the Supreme Court handed the Dems another devastating loss. The left, still bitter over the historic loss in 2016, has tried to use the courts to subvert Trump and his decisions. Initially, it worked, but soon the Supreme Court and Bill Barr soured on lower courts using nationwide injunctions to override the duly elected president.
Now, the full case of whether Trump can legally change asylum laws for migrants making them stay in Mexico or other locations while they wait for their hearings will be heard later, but for now, the practice can continue.
From The Washington Post: The Supreme Court on Wednesday said the Trump administration may continue its “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers while lower-court challenges continue after the federal government warned that tens of thousands of immigrants massed at the southern border could overwhelm the immigration system.
The justices reversed a decision of a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which had ordered the policy be suspended Thursday on parts of the border. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the only noted dissenter. The Trump administration had warned the justices of a dire situation without their intervention.
“Substantial numbers of up to 25,000 returned aliens who are awaiting proceedings in Mexico will rush immediately to enter the United States,” Solicitor General Noel Francisco wrote in a brief. “A surge of that magnitude would impose extraordinary burdens on the United States and damage our diplomatic relations with the government of Mexico.” The program — officially known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, or MPP — is among the tools the Trump administration has used to curb mass migration from Central America and elsewhere across the southern U.S. border.
In the 13 months, it has been in place, the government said 60,000 migrants have been sent back into Mexico to await their U.S. asylum hearings, part of an effort to limit access to the United States and to deter people from attempting the journey north. The administration implemented the program last year, after more than 470,000 migrants — including parents and children — crossed into the United States illegally, with most quickly freed amid a massive immigration court backlog.

Trump Makes His Transfer, Publicizes Strict New Border Controls In Response To Coronavirus

The Trump administration is making the strikes to attempt to cease the specter of the coronavirus earlier than it overloads our well being system.

It gained’t be straightforward and we have to do extra and now we have everybody engaged on particular options from vaccines to ramping up manufacturing of ventilators and masks and testing.

Trump additionally will institute strict new border controls and whereas the left will howl at Trump’s plan, as a result of it’s his plan, don’t purchase what they’re promoting.

From The New York Occasions:

The Trump administration plans to right away flip again all asylum seekers and different foreigners attempting to cross the southwestern border illegally, saying they can’t danger permitting the coronavirus to unfold by way of detention amenities and amongst Border Patrol brokers, 4 administration officers stated on Tuesday.

The officers stated the ports of entry would stay open to Americans, inexperienced card holders and a few foreigners with correct documentation. Some foreigners could be blocked, together with Europeans at present topic to earlier journey restrictions enacted by the administration. The entryways will even be open to industrial visitors.

However beneath the brand new rule, set to be introduced within the subsequent 48 hours, Border Patrol brokers would instantly return to Mexico anybody who tries to cross the southern border between the authorized ports of entry. Underneath the coverage, asylum seekers wouldn’t be held for any size of time in an American facility nor would they be given due course of. As soon as caught, they’d be pushed to the closest port of entry and returned to Mexico with out additional detention.

Though they suggested that particulars of the coverage may change earlier than the announcement, administration officers stated the hassle was crucial to avert an outbreak of the coronavirus inside detention amenities alongside the border…

… Officers stated the brand new coverage could be based mostly on authorities that may be granted to public well being officers within the time of a medical or well being emergency, not on immigration legal guidelines that the administration has repeatedly cited as justification for previous actions on the border. One other official stated the administration would invoke a federal authorized code that claims if the surgeon common identifies “any communicable illness abroad,” she or he can prohibit folks from that nation from getting into the USA.

The brand new coverage additionally applies to the northern border with Canada, which has already closed its borders to most foreigners — however not Individuals — in an try to maintain the virus at bay. Officers stated Mr. Trump would quickly additionally take separate motion to additional insulate the USA from the potential for the virus spreading from Canada.

Within the subsequent 24 hours, one official stated, the USA and Canada plan to problem a joint assertion saying that they’re suspending nonessential journey between the 2 international locations. That might enable commerce to proceed, however would limit flights and border crossings for issues like holidays.

WaPo Writer Suggests Republicans Are More At Risk Of Getting The Coronavirus Than Democrats

On Sunday, Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin suggested that Republicans are more at risk of getting the coronavirus than Democrats because conservative outlets have downplayed the threat.
Rubin made the claim during a segment on MSNBC’s “AM Joy”, alleging that Democrats were faster to take precautionary measures.
“There is a particular cruelty irony that it is their core viewers, the Republican older viewers, … who are the most at risk,” Jennifer Rubin said. “When you think about it, which party immediately canceled all of their rallies?”
“So, I hate to put it this way, but there will be less Democrat deaths because there will be less mass gatherings, there will be less opportunities for people to congregate and share this horrible disease. So it is really a very short-sighted strategy,” Rubin claimed. “But now, I think the name of the game is how do they get back onto planet earth?”
“And part of the way that I think that they are doing it is down the memory hole. He jumped right on this right away because of all this planning that we’re doing so well, which is head-spinning for the rest of us who watched him for weeks say this was a hoax. But this is how they do it at Fox News. Suddenly, he’s been the most pro-active president… The toughest on it,” she said.
Rubin added: “I think the problem is going to be what happens unfortunately if we start to follow that Italian model where we have mass casualties, and our lives are not disrupted for a week or two, but we’re talking months. And that is going to be some serious stuff. And I don’t know if their brainwashing is so strong as to carry on and make excuses for Trump during that. But this is going to be some serious stuff.” (Continued Below)
(Related: White House Physician Confirms President Trump Tests ‘Negative’ For Coronavirus)
President Trump declared a national emergency on Friday, freeing up funds and resources to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.
“To unleash the full power of the federal government, I’m officially declaring a national emergency– two very big words,” the president said during a news conference in the White House Rose Garden. “We will overcome the threat of the virus.” (Video Below)
Dan Bongino responded to Rubin’s comments saying, “The stupid is strong with this one”.
Meghan McCain believes Rubin’s remarks are “godless”:

Ohio Democrat Arrested On Federal Charges – She Faces Up To 50 Years For Trading Votes For Cash

America can’t afford more dirty politicians.
We’ve seen a slew of them in recent years, as accusations and charges continue to fly around Capitol Hill.
We’ve got problems on state government levels as well.
Citizens elected these people to run their towns—but many are turning out to be grossly incompetent.
…or in this case, potentially breaking the law.
Democratic Cincinnati City Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard was arrested this week, and she’s facing some stiff charges.
And if she’s found guilty on all charges, she could face up to 50 years in prison!
From Fox19:
Democratic Cincinnati City Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard was arrested on federal charges Tuesday in an attempt to sell her council vote for money, according to the Department of Justice.
Dennard was taken into custody in downtown Cincinnati on charges of honest services wire fraud, bribery and attempted extortion.
Dennard tried to sell her vote for cash? Seriously? And the charges just keep piling up.
How is this the behavior of a responsible elected official?
And by the way, this investigation included “theft of funds from programs receiving government money.”
Dennard allegedly asked for $10,000 to $15,000 for personal expenses from an employee at a law firm.
The FBI also discovered text messages and recordings of conversations. And these supposedly contain even more evidence against the Democrat councilwoman.
Like I said, we can’t afford to have so many dirty politicians.
If Dennard is guilty of these accusations, she’s a perfect example of what we DON’T need.
Aren’t you tired of this? Don’t you think we should demand more of our elected officials?
SHARE if you want to see more HONEST politicians and leaders in America!

Trump: ‘Can’t Consider They Are Not Going After Schumer For Threats He Made’ To Gorsuch, Kavanaugh

Senate Minority Chief Chuck Schumer continues to be beneath heavy hearth for threatening conservative Supreme Courtroom Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh final week.

It has been a number of weeks since Schumer’s threatening remarks, and nothing has been achieved about it.

The president took to Twitter this week and bought the final word payback on Schumer by once more calling for motion in opposition to the New York Democrat for his threats.

“Can’t consider they aren’t going after Schumer for the threats he made to our cherished United States Supreme Courtroom, and our two nice Justices,” Trump wrote.

However he didn’t cease there.

“If a Republican did that, there can be an limitless worth to pay,” continued Trump. “Pathetic!”

Donald J. Trump

Can’t consider they aren’t going after Schumer for the threats he made to our cherished United States Supreme Courtroom, and our two nice Justices. If a Republican did that, there can be an limitless worth to pay. Pathetic!

10:09 AM – Mar 15, 2020
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And the president couldn’t be extra proper that Democrats and Republicans are held to completely different requirements by the liberal mainstream media.

Final week, Trump and over a dozen Senate Republicans have known as for Schumer to be censured.

Quickly after video clips of Schumer’s feedback scorched throughout social media earlier this month, one high Republican confirmed publicly that he thinks Schumer “should” be censured for his remarks.

Censure is a proper, and public, condemnation or reprimand of an elected official for displaying unacceptable and grotesque conduct.

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz is asking for Schumer to be punished for threatening the 2 conservative Supreme Courtroom justices.

“I don’t say this flippantly, however Minority Chief Chuck Schumer MUST be censured for threatening Justices by title on the steps of #SCOTUS,” Cruz tweeted in response to Schumer’s feedback.

In response to Fox Information, Republican lawmakers are about to take motion in opposition to Schumer:

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., has continued to name for Schumer to be censured after introducing a decision within the Senate to just do that. And dozens of well-known conservative leaders signed a letter Monday including their voices to the calls.

Hawley’s decision, which was co-sponsored by 14 senators, known as for Schumer to be censured for the feedback, which it describes as “an try to unduly affect the judicial choices of the Supreme Courtroom of the US and to undermine the imaginative and prescient of the founders of the US of the ‘full independence of the courts of justice.’”

Schumer’s threatening feedback have ignited a firestorm.

Schumer warned in a fiery speech outdoors the Supreme Courtroom that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will “pay the value” in the event that they vote in opposition to pro-choice advocates in a high-profile abortion case.

Of be aware, Schumer declared: “I need to inform you, Gorsuch, I need to inform you, Kavanaugh, you’ve got launched the whirlwind and you’ll pay the value. You gained’t know what hit you in case you go ahead with these terrible choices.”

Schumer’s feedback are in response to the Supreme Courtroom listening to a problem to a Louisiana legislation which requires medical doctors who carry out abortions to own hospital admitting privileges.

The Supreme Courtroom could possibly be on the verge of issuing a serious pro-life ruling and, as evidenced by Schumer’s threats, Democrats are freaking out about it.

In response to Schumer’s threats, Trump known as for “critical motion” in opposition to the highest Senate Democrat.

Supreme Courtroom Chief Justice John Roberts issued a uncommon rebuke of Schumer’s menace, calling it each “inappropriate” and “harmful” for a number one lawmaker to utter.

Joe Biden: “In The First 100 Days Of My Administration, No One Will Be Deported At All”

Sunday during CNN’s Democratic debate in Washington, D.C., former Vice President Joe Biden said that if elected president “in the first 100 days of my administration, no one, no one will be deported at all”.
Biden also suggested that he backs sanctuary cities and said that police should not report illegal immigrants arrested by police officers to ICE.
“Vice President Biden, you recently said for the first time that the Obama-Biden administration made a big mistake in deporting millions of immigrants. But you didn’t publicly speak out against it at the time. What commitment will you make tonight that as president you won’t deport millions again?” Univision’s Ilia Calderón asked.
Joe Biden responded: “Number one, I said that it took much too long to get it right. And the president did get it right by DACA as well as making sure that he tried to protect parents as well and by the way, moving on immigration bill as well.”
“The fact is, we already had a vote on immigration bill, by the way, and Bernie voted against it– the immigration bill. Had he voted for it in the past, we’d already have 6 million undocumented would be citizens as I speak right now,” Biden said.
“But I will send to the desk immediately a bill that requires the access to citizenship for 11 million undocumented folks, number one. Numer two, in the first 100 days of my administration, no one, no one will be deported at all. From that point on, the only deportations that will take place are commissions of felonies in the United States of America,” he announced. (Continued Below)
(Related: Joe Biden Announces He Is Adding Plans From Bernie & Warren To His Campaign Platform)
Calderón asked: “So to be clear, only felons get deported in everyone else gets to stay?” to which Biden responded: “Period. Yes. Yes. And the reason that is, it’s about uniting families. It’s about making sure that we can both be a nation of immigrants, as well as a nation that is decent.”
Calderón then asked Biden: “You opposed sanctuary cities as a presidential candidate in 2007. Where do you stand now? Should undocumented immigrants arrested by local police, be turned over to immigration officials?” to which Biden responded: “No.” (Video Below)

Biden Claims Bernie Has 9 Super PACs & That He Can List Them, But Fails To When Challenged By Sanders

During a heated exchange at Sunday’s Democrat debate, Joe Biden claimed that Senator Bernie Sanders has nine super PACs helping his campaign and said that he could list them.
However, when Bernie challenged him to list them, Biden couldn’t and tried to quickly shrug it off.
Related Article: Joe Biden: “In The First 100 Days Of My Administration, No One Will Be Deported At All”
It all started when Sen. Sanders said to Biden, “Why don’t you join me? Why don’t you get rid of the super PAC that you have right now, which is running very ugly, negative ads about me.”
“Don’t laugh, Joe,” he added as Biden began laughing. “That’s just the truth.” Bernie then urged him to condemn super PACs as he did in the past.
Biden fired back, “You get rid of the nine super PACs you have?” Video Below
After Sen. Sanders denied having nine super PACs, Biden said, “You got nine. Want me to list them?”
With that said, Bernie swiftly challenged Biden, “Yea go ahead and list them.” But Biden couldn’t and simply replied, “Come on. Give me a break.”
Sanders responded, “I won’t give you a break on this one, Joe. You condemned super PACs. You got a super PAC. It’s running negative…” Video Below
According to New York Times, Biden’s claim that Sen. Sanders has nine super PAC’s is “exaggerated.”
As reported by NYT:
“This is exaggerated. Mr. Biden was most likely referring to “People Power for Bernie,” a coalition of nine outside advocacy groups backing Mr. Sanders’s candidacy and organizing voter mobilization efforts on his behalf. These groups were labeled “dark money” by Pete Buttigieg, the former Democratic candidate. Most of them others are 501(c)(4) organizations or social welfare nonprofits.”
Also during the debate, Biden said he didn’t “want to get this into a back and forth in terms of our politics” when the topic of coronavirus came up.
We leave you Donald Trump Jr.’s response to Joe’s remarks.

Stacey Abrams Is Officially Under Investigation

The debt ridden candidate who initially refused to concede her loss in the race is now officially under investigation.
The Georgia state ethics commission will subpoena bank records from Stacey Abrams’ 2018 gubernatorial campaign and several other groups that raised money to help her candidacy.
David Emadi, a former Douglas County prosecutor who became director of the state ethics commission Monday, announced on Thursday that he will soon subpoena Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign, various political action committees and special interest groups that supported her failed campaign, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
The director of the ethics commission went on to say “What I can say about the investigation into the Abrams campaign is in the relatively near future, I expect we will be issuing subpoenas for bank and finance records of both Miss Abrams and various PACs and special-interest groups that were affiliated with her campaign,”
One thing that Emadi did not clarify is what exactly Abrams is under investigation for. We do know that the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission, is responsible for investigating lobbying expenditures, vendor grift and campaign finance. The Commission also has the power to issue consequences for any violations found regarding those specific issues.
The Daily Caller went on to say:
Because there were over a dozen “independent groups” in support of Abrams 2018 campaign, most of them funded by out-of-state donors, Emadi said the investigation will take time as the Commission meticulously reviews all of the reports.
News of the investigation comes as Abrams, the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House, mulls not only a 2020 Senate bid in Georgia, but also a possible run for the White House. Her failed gubernatorial campaign against now-Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp drew national attention, and she has remained in the national spotlight as she continues to claim, without evidence, that Kemp used his former position as Georgia Secretary of State to maliciously tilt the election in his favor.
“This new ethics investigation into Stacey Abrams is just the latest episode of her skirting the rules to further her personal political ambitions. This cloud of scandal will linger as she decides whether to embark on another failed campaign,” Nathan Brand, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, stated Thursday.

Invoice Barr Indicts eight Individuals For Illegally Funneling Hundreds of thousands In Overseas Cash To Hillary’s Marketing campaign in 2016

In an odd coincidence, Invoice Barr simply arrested eight individuals and charged them with illegally funneling overseas cash to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 marketing campaign.

However it will get weirder. A kind of charged is George Nader – it appears to be like like he flipped because the feds have him locked up on kiddie porn costs.

Nader works as a straw man for the center east sheiks and was concerned in making an attempt to affect sure members of Trump’s crew as effectively. He was a witness for Bob Mueller.

However he was additionally taking part in the Democrats in case they gained, as is the customized of the swamp – either side play the identical sport and overseas cash is awash in our system.

However the media solely assaults Trump for this follow when the candidate has no concept what’s going on, as they did when individuals get busted sneaking cash into his inauguration.

Let’s see if they provide this new bombshell story the identical therapy as all of the tales about Trump.

From the Division of Justice:

Earlier as we speak, an indictment was unsealed in opposition to the CEO of a web-based cost processing firm, and 7 others, charging them with conspiring to make and conceal conduit and extreme marketing campaign contributions, and associated offenses, in the course of the U.S. presidential election in 2016 and thereafter.

Assistant Lawyer Common Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Division’s Legal Division and Assistant Director in Cost Timothy R. Slater of the FBI’s Washington Area Workplace made the announcement.

A federal grand jury within the District of Columbia indicted Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, 48, of Los Angeles, California, on Nov. 7, 2019, together with George Nader, Roy Boulos, Rudy Dekermenjian, Mohammad “Moe” Diab, Rani El-Saadi, Stevan Hill and Thayne Whipple. The 53 depend indictment costs Khawaja with two counts of conspiracy, three counts of constructing conduit contributions, three counts of inflicting extreme contributions, 13 counts of constructing false statements, 13 counts of inflicting false data to be filed, and one depend of obstruction of a federal grand jury investigation. Nader is charged with conspiring with Khawaja to make conduit marketing campaign contributions, and associated offenses. Boulos, Dekermenjian, Diab, El-Saadi, Hill, and Whipple are charged with conspiring with Khawaja and one another to make conduit marketing campaign contributions and conceal extreme contributions, and associated offenses.

In response to the indictment, from March 2016 via January 2017, Khawaja conspired with Nader to hide the supply of greater than $three.5 million in marketing campaign contributions, directed to political committees related to a candidate for President of the USA within the 2016 election. By design, these contributions gave the impression to be within the names of Khawaja, his spouse, and his firm. In actuality, they allegedly had been funded by Nader. Khawaja and Nader allegedly made these contributions in an effort to realize affect with high-level political figures, together with the candidate. As Khawaja and Nader organized these funds, Nader allegedly reported to an official from a overseas authorities about his efforts to realize affect.

The indictment additionally alleges that, from March 2016 via 2018, Khawaja conspired with Boulos, Dekermenjian, Diab, El-Saadi, Hill, and Whipple to hide Khawaja’s extreme contributions, which totaled greater than $1.eight million, to varied political committees. Amongst different issues, these contributions allegedly allowed Khawaja to host a non-public fundraiser for a presidential candidate in 2016 and a non-public fundraising dinner for an elected official in 2018.

The indictment additional alleges that, from June 2019 via July 2019, Khawaja obstructed a grand jury investigation of this matter within the District of Columbia. Realizing that a witness had been known as to testify earlier than the grand jury, Khawaja allegedly supplied that witness with false details about Nader and his connection to Khawaja’s firm. Boulos, Diab, Hill, and Whipple are also charged with obstructing the grand jury’s investigation by mendacity to the FBI.

At the moment, Nader is in federal custody on different costs.

You may see a listing of all of the donations right here.

Rick Hasen

The donations embrace $1 million to main Democratic tremendous PAC, Priorities USA. All the key Dems bought donations (together with Adam Schiff, as I am certain we’ll quickly hear so much) page=1&q=ahmad+khawaja&kind=A&kind=donors&scrim=A … …
Scott Stedman
Learn the total thread right here for a proof about why we all know it is Clinton. Or hearken to UCI Regulation Prof @rickhasen …

5:50 PM – Dec three, 2019
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